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27021003_c89b528f92As the Huffington Post recently noted, “While seniors’ use of social media continues to lag behind younger cohort groups, as might be expected, “seniors have adopted social media at the highest rate over the past two years … they are the only group yet to reach 50% adoption.” There’s no surprise that more retirees than ever are finding the value in social media that younger generations raised online have found. From Pinteresting ideas for gifts, craft projects, clothes, and vacation spots to Skyping with relatives in other states to uploading scanned photos from bygone days, there’s a lot for retirees to do online.

It can be incredibly empowering for seniors who might have been isolated and dependent in decades past to find the information, social connections, and resources they need for themselves using the internet. From online shopping for basic necessities to retirement planning to connecting with friends, it’s easier than ever for seniors to remain independent with the web. Even seniors who are supported by a senior living community can benefit from the additional engagement the internet provides in the form of photos, comments and “Likes” from friends and family all over the world.

One commenter on the HuffPost piece explained, “The “connections” I have been able to make with people from all over the world have helped to make my post-full-time-working years incredibly satisfying.” Indeed, for any retiree worried about how to fill the time once taken up by a job or parenthood, the internet offers a wealth of opportunity, from information on area activities and events through sites like Meetup.com to instructions for crafts and hobbies to sites that make it simple and affordable to book trips. It’s also easier than ever to plan long term for retirement using the web, when you can compare retirement communities side by side, schedule appointments to take a tour of an assisted living community, pay bills online, contact financial planners, and more. You can even refill prescriptions at your pharmacy’s website, or enroll in automatic refills.

It’s easier than ever to create profiles and manage your life with a few clicks of the mouse, giving you more time to spend with the people you enjoy most on your favorite pastimes. With so many different ways for seniors to benefit, now is the time to get online and enjoy a whole new kind of independence– digital independence! Join the elder generation in their migration online and discover for yourself just how much you can get out of digital life.