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Volunteer at our Jackson Senior Living Community

Brighten a senior’s day

We are always in need of volunteers to serve in various capacities. From calling bingo to assisting in activities, we welcome volunteers to help brighten our residents’ day. Please contact us at 731-661-9888 to make a difference in the lives of our residents.

There are a slew of reasons why assisted living volunteering is beneficial, and we’d like to highlight a few for those who maybe be interested in helping out at Regency.


  1. Expand your horizons & learn something new! When you spend time with seniors, you get the unique opportunity to learn from their experience. The truth is, you can learn so much from the older generations! So while you’re helping take care of them, they can share knowledge and wisdom with you in the process.
  2. Gain career experience/Beef up your resume. Volunteering in this way can serve as a great way for teens and young adults to decide if they want to pursue a career in senior care, nursing, or a similar field. It’s also a great way to develop skills that are highly applicable in the workplace across many industries, from organization to fundraising skills to time management. Volunteer time also looks great on a resume, showing potential employers that you genuinely care about the community, and make time to give back.
  3. Make some friends! If you enjoy being around people and social connectedness, that’s a clear-cut benefit you will gain from volunteering at our Morristown assisted living community. You’ll form special bonds with the residents that will mean the world not only to them, but also to you.
  4. Improve your health. Not only does volunteering help provide a sense of purpose, but also volunteers can reap physical, mental, and emotional benefits as well. Volunteering provides opportunities to get active and build healthy social connections, which can be of benefit to the volunteer as well as the residents at Regency.