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regency-jackson2A few of the things that set Regency Retirement Village of Jackson apart from other communities are our nursing staff, the uniqueness of our dining experience and the way we use social media to keep the family of residents involved in what we’re doing.

“We offer around-the-clock nursing so someone is always here if you need them,” said Mickey Goodwin, Executive Director of Regency Retirement Village of Jackson.

Beyond making sure residents are secure and healthy, Regency also works to add the extras that make life enjoyable. “Our dining experience is unique. Our residents are served restaurant style — but we are dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure every wish and desire is met. We’re willing to create specialized custom-ordered meals for our residents and their family members.”

Goodwin feels that feedback is an important part of providing the best experience for residents. “Communication is one of the key areas we focus on with our residents and families. All managers and employees contribute to our friendly and energetic environment. People experience it the moment they walk in the door.”

Regency Retirement Village of Jackson also uses social media to improve connections and communication. With the fast pace of modern life, platforms like Facebook enable people to stay aware of what’s happening with their friends and family, even when they can’t always be near in person. It’s reassuring for families to see that their loved ones have plenty of opportunities to be active and social. “Our Facebook Profile is updated on a daily basis. It’s a great way for families and friends to share all of the wonderful memories being created at Regency,” Goodwin said.

The Facebook wall, https://www.facebook.com/Regency-Retirement-Jackson-176921574978/, is populated by photos of residents having fun, whether they’re gathering to play Bingo, having a sunflower social, visiting with animals, enjoying art class, having a scavenger hunt, celebrating someone’s birthday, doing Zumba chair fitness, enjoying Bible study, or shopping.

“Our residents are always on the go! Whether its museums, the zoo, or just a trip to Target, our highly active community is always having fun and experiencing all that life has to offer!”

The families of residents obviously love seeing photos of their loved ones in their Facebook news stream because they often leave comments about how they look like they’re having fun. That translates into peace-of-mind that they’ve made a good choice for quality and compassionate care.

Regency Retirement Village of Jackson strives to be a place where residents can come together for a delicious meal, great conversation, laughter, and most of all, lots of love.