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It is often said that faith is the cornerstone of our senior living community. We stand by this as our residents thrive on their passions of faith here at Regency of Jackson. Proudly, our faith-driven community offers more than just physical wellness to seniors, as it also meets the profound needs of its occupants through spiritual health.woman praying senior living Jackson Tn

The spiritual journey provides the feeling of significance and purpose for existence. For many, this journey becomes increasingly vital in the golden age of retirement. Studies of over 3,000 participants report that sixty-five percent, ages fifty and older, express that religion is “vital” to them. Sixty-seven percent of seniors said that having a rich spiritual life contributes meaning to their life. The majority of baby boomers in the study also said when, “thinking about their later years,” having a rich spiritual life will be very important. In a separate study, about seventy-one percent portray themselves as “sure-beyond a shadow of a doubt” that God exists. This study included Christian, Protestant, Baptist, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, and unaffiliated or non-religious participants.

As a Christian senior living community, we encourage each individual to feel comfortable expressing their personal religious beliefs. This may include local Catholic Priests offering communion for their parishioners, or a celebration of holy days throughout the year, such as Hanukkah. At Regency, we provide a place for everyone to worship and an open atmosphere to learn about new cultures and religions.

Jeff Clay, Regency Retirement Village’s Vice President of Business Development says, “We find both Jewish and Christian residents are eager to learn about each person’s religion. We usually have a designated area in each of our communities for these services and have recognizable symbols like a Cross or a Menorah displayed.”

For some individuals, religion can also be vital for social engagement. Regardless of the event, many of our senior residents simply enjoy congregating together to sing songs, read scripture, or learn new religions and cultures.

Clay continues, “When visiting any of our communities and reading the calendar of activities on the wall or receiving a newsletter from a community with the calendar, you will see that Regency has reached out to our local churches to secure volunteers to come to our community. This includes Pastors from various denominations to preach, teach, lead Bible studies, choir visits with singers accompanied by instruments, and many more.”

At Regency, we strive to encourage our residents and staff to find the profound peace and prosperity that can only be found through religion and spirituality. If you or your loved one is considering a faith-based senior living community, visit us today and ask about our community involvement, religious activities, events, and principles.

Written by: Katie Hanley