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We had a busy month at Regency in June, including lots of activities, visits, volunteers, and fun times! 

It’s been so wonderful having our local churches back to orchestrate services again on Sundays, as well as our devotional/bible study times. Also, Ms. Wanda Reams has started our pedicure sessions once again, which is a relaxing and rejuvenating treat to enjoy once a month. We have enjoyed having live music again in the building as well, whether it is from staff or volunteers. We know music is good for the soul! 

In preparation for Memorial Day residents and staff made hand-painted luminaries to put outside in honor of all those who gave their lives for our freedom. In a ceremony, residents were able to light these luminaries. We also sang the national anthem, and said the pledge of allegiance, acknowledging all of our veterans and veterans’ wives. Afterward, we placed the luminaries outside on the walkway, enjoyed homemade strawberry cake and time with friends in the cafe.