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National Assisted Living Week at Regency JacksonNational Assisted Living Week is September 12th through the 18th this year, and our team at Regency is gearing up to celebrate this important observance with staff, residents, volunteers, friends, and families.

What’s National Assisted Living Week?

Established in 1995 by the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL), National Assisted Living Week offers a unique opportunity for senior living residents, their loved ones, staff members, volunteers, and comm​​unity members to recognize the important role of assisted living in regard to caring for America’s seniors. This special week is observed to encourage assisted living communities across the country to celebrate the individuals they serve, as well as to help educate members of the public about this distinctive aspect of long term care. Events and activities help to make this time truly special, and remind us just how important assisted living care really is. ​​​​​​​​​​

This Year’s Theme: Compassion, Community, Caring

This year’s theme for National Assisted Living Week is Compassion, Community, Caring, and it couldn’t be more in line with the way we do things at Regency Senior Living. This theme reflects the approach our team takes to senior care every day, and our commitment to creating an environment in which senior residents can live fully and thrive. This theme also speaks to the hard work of staff throughout the pandemic, and to the dedication of all the essential caregivers in assisted living communities during this time. They have worked tirelessly to offer support to residents and their families to help them maintain a level of connectedness even in times when they could not be together physically.

Celebrating at Regency Jackson

At Regency Retirement Jackson, we take pride in what we do and the services we provide, and we love to celebrate National Assisted Living Week with our amazing residents and their families. It is important to us to take note of the wonderful things happening within these walls, and to celebrate the community created here. Throughout the week, we will celebrate in various ways, we will offer gratitude to our staff and caregivers, and we will engage with family, friends, and community members as we highlight the difference exceptional assisted living care makes in the lives of so many. Won’t you celebrate with us?