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seniorfitnessExercise is fun, lowers the risk of many chronic conditions and can reduce the chances of injury by improving balance and stamina, but it can seem like fitness is a young person’s game, found only in gyms.

Not true! Under the direction of their physician, Jackson seniors can incorporate activities into their daily routines to stay active and improve physical condition.  Such as:

Walk: The gold standard for older Americans to keep off weight, build muscle and increase endurance! Not to mention it can also be fun, especially with a friend. Visit a walking park, stroll past the stores at Old Hickory Mall, or simply walk around the hallways of Regency Retirement Village Jackson while saying hello to everyone.

Swim: If you have access to a pool, this can be a low-impact form of exercise that burns calories and builds muscles while being easier on joints than other forms of activity. Better still if you get to play with the grandkids.

Lift: Dumbbells, even lightweight ones, can help you build muscle strength.

Practice Good Posture: If you work on balance, you might avoid a fall that could lead to serious injury.

Climb stairs: Avoiding the escalator and skipping the elevator puts you several steps closer to achieving your fitness goals.

Once you adopt a habit, it becomes a regular part of your day. Encourage your friends and family to stay fit and active with you!

Talk to us at Regency Retirement Community Jackson about ways we keep seniors physically active.