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My experience with Regency Retirement Village began two years ago.  My husband had been diagnosed with dementia in 2017.  Our family cared for him as long as we could, but physically, we were of no help. In July of 2020, we needed assistance, and Regency aided us in all ways. The evaluation was easy but in-depth. The move-in was more than gracious. We were set and have remained.

The leadership team at Regency is foremost in our success. It is marked by the attention given to the residents and to each other. The ambience is immediately engrossing – we were at home!  The meals served are exceptional – the food a real treat! The maintenance team is prompt in repairs, moving furniture, and just plain visiting the residents! Occasionally, they play the guitar and sing!

The level of care at Regency is superb. From giving medicines to assessing falls, from personal care to encouraging walking, eating, and socializing, the expertise is noticed and much appreciated.  My husband was involved in numerous activities quickly and has made many new friends.

I am beyond grateful to Regency and for Regency for their years of providing care for our elderly. We undoubtedly made the right choice, and we applaud the ongoing efforts of Regency in maintaining their superior status. As members of the Regency Family, we love you all!