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8557144686_2afc6564b0_mA trusting doctor-patient relationship is difficult to create.  As a patient, it is crucial that you are able to get the care you deserve.  This doesn’t mean that visiting your Jackson, Tennessee doctor has to be a stressful experience.  A small amount of prep work before your next doctor’s appointment will go a long way in helping you have the positive experience you want.

Bring along a trustworthy companion who will listen and observe your conversation with your doctor.  They can even take notes so that the specifics of your visit won’t fall between the cracks.

Senior patients can be afforded a few extra minutes in the exam room.  Be sure to ask about this possibility the next time you call to make an appointment with your doctor.  Any additional time will help you and your doctor relax and discuss your concerns in an unrushed manner.  You can also share your list of your health issues with the nurse making your appointment and ask for them to be shared with your doctor.

Take along your comprehensive medical history, a folder will allow you to stay organized.  This is of utmost importance when having an initial visit with a new physician.  Crucial information includes current doctors’ names, phone numbers, etc., current prescription, allergy and insurance information. Past and ongoing health concerns and treatments should also be included.

Writing down any worries that you want to discuss with your doctor is a good way to be reminded of exactly what you want to cover during your visit.  Do not be embarrassed to share exactly what is going on with you.

The more your doctor knows about your symptoms, the better off you will be.  Sharing the details of your symptoms with your doctor is key to getting the treatment you need.

You can always request that your doctor go over the main ideas covered in your time together.  Make sure to any questions that come to mind.

Your nurse or doctor can go over any written directions before your visit is over. A written review will ensure that you and your doctor are on the same page with regards to next steps and your follow up treatment.

It is vital to work with your physician as a team in order to optimize your health.

Opening clear lines of communication with your doctor in Jackson will help you reach the end goal of good health!