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2075788Many Tennesseans dread having the family talk about moving an aging parent into assisted living because moving is stressful at any age and the elder may have misconceptions about what a future home will be like, but the transition can actually be a pleasant process with the right attitude and proper handling.

The conversation needs to be one where everyone’s opinion is heard – especially the senior’s.

Ideally, the discussion happens while elders are still able to live alone and don’t currently need additional care because talking about the future in a non-threatening way plants the seed for a possible move in the future.

There’s always the risk that the parent will feel like their kids are ganging up on them if the senior feels as if they have no choice where they’ll live. This can make them defensive, leading to arguments and feelings of guilt.

Family dynamics vary, but handling the conversation with tact goes a long way toward soothing concerns.

Because so many people imagine the worst when contemplating the future, your family should do some research and arrange to actually visit Regency Retirement Village to see our apartments and the homelike environment we strive to create.

Our type of community is so popular precisely because it offers seniors the best of all worlds: help when needed in a home-like environment where privacy is respected and opportunities for social interaction are plenty. Our residents make new friends (caring staff included) and take advantage of many chances to stay active. Once here, many of our residents tell us they wish they’d moved here earlier.

Talking with current residents and learning how much they like it here is reassuring. It becomes clear that Regency balances a supportive environment with respect for residents’ dignity.

Call (731) 661-9888 to arrange for your tour and consultation. You can also leave your contact information in the box at the right of this blog post and someone will respond to you with more details.

Read about our initial consultation process at https://www.regencyretirementjackson.com/elderly-care-resources-jackson/free-consultation