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4615990After years of hard work, you deserve to get out and about and enjoy all the activities you meant to take up. Your golden years are the perfect opportunity to learn something new, try a new form of exercise, or really savor a life-long hobby. We have five suggestions that might inspire you to get even more out of your retirement:

  • If you’re an animal lover, volunteering at an shelter can be a wonderful outlet. Many shelters need dog walkers and pet socializers who groom, play with, and train the dogs, cats, and other creatures up for adoption. You’ll get a little exercise and make many wonderful new furry friends—not to mention build relationships with other volunteers.
  • Yoga classes are great for both your physical and mental health. The meditative aspects help with memory and stress, and the physical practice will help you stay flexible and strong, which is crucial for bone health, muscular tone, and balance. Check out Yoga Center of Jackson to get started!
  • Getting out in nature is also good for mind and body. Whether it’s a walk in the woods, kayaking on the lake, fishing, gardening, or taking flower or animal strolls to identify local blooms and regional species, there are so many ways to enjoy the natural world. Lakeland Trails, Stanky Creek, Tour de Wolf, Shelby Farms Park, and Bowie Nature Park are all great places to enjoy local natural wonders.
  • Fiber arts like knitting, crochet, and needlepoint are having a huge resurgence in popularity.com, Pinterest, ravelry.com, and craftser.com all have patterns, project ideas, and finished products that might give you an idea for what to try next. You’ll also make online friends, swap patterns, and be able to share your creations on the web. People of all ages are picking up these crafts, so find out if there’s a craft store, classes, or regular meetings in your area.
  • Take up journaling or another daily writing project. Even if it’s just a few sentences a day, it will be wonderful to have a record of your thoughts and feelings. If a typical diary isn’t your cup of tea, consider recording one memory every day, writing about one of your possessions, or writing a poem a day. If writing isn’t your thing, a daily doodle or photo project can be another creative outlet. Making it a routine is a creative challenge in and of itself that can push you in exciting new directions.