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3692756Was it exciting to see photos of some of your favorite Jackson hot spots in their prime last month? You might have enjoyed reliving memories from your youth through these little pieces of history. If you want to enjoy a blast from the past, take it a step further— we’ve got a few ideas for how you can maximize the nostalgia.

If you remember seeing films at the Jaxon drive-in, have a movie night with friends, family, or your fellow residents. Pick a film from your favorite year or that you have especially fond memories of seeing and make an occasion of it. It might be fun to dress up a little like you did back then, have a snack or beverage that recalls that time or place, and feel young again.

Sense memory is incredibly powerful, and the flavors, sites, and sounds of years gone by might transport you back to days gone by. You might not be able to go to the exact restaurants you used to, but you could find some similar burgers, barbecue, or other favorite treat to enjoy with the film, or whenever you want to take a trip back in time.

If you want to walk down memory lane for more than just an evening, you might take steps to create a more permanent record. If you have kept a journal or diary, it might be fun to re-read some of your past entries. If you feel comfortable, your loved ones might be interested in them, too, especially if there are memories of, say, your wedding day, your first house, or descriptions of daily life in other decades.

A friend or family member might even be able to help you digitize and preserve your journals or pair them with old ticket stubs, photographs, and more to create a comprehensive memory album. However you choose to relive your best memories, we hope you have an amazing time remembering. Reminiscing can be a wonderful way to share your stories with loved ones and get in touch with your past.