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38109126_sWhen we were kids, making new friends was as easy as asking another child if they wanted to play ball in the yard. When we started jobs, it was easy socializing with colleagues we were economically compelled to spend so much time with. Raising kids meant lots of fun interacting with other parents at family-focused events. In retirement years, however, those connections can fall away as homes become empty nests and workmates wish us well in what they hope are lives of leisure after years of carefully planning a life after a career.

What next? And where can new friends be found?

One answer can be found in a retirement community like Regency, where activity directors plan a variety of fun events that present opportunities to engage with others at a similar point in their lives. Some activities happen inside our building or may involve an outing to a show, a local sporting event or a store. Our residents have endless opportunities to be active and healthy.

In February alone, we’re planning a Fat Tuesday pancake breakfast, the annual crowning of the King and Queen of Mardi Gras, visitation from a traveling ministry, and a group of fifth graders performing for our residents. We’ll no doubt have fun talking about the Super Bowl and Groundhog Day.

Some other options for making friends in our golden years:

  • Hobby-based clubs
  • Recreation-based clubs
  • Classes and Events in the Community
  • Volunteering
  • Book or Gardening Clubs
  • Local houses of worship
  • Schools offering classes to non-students
  • Online chatting via Skype or the Internet

With so many options available, there’s no reason for any senior to feel lonely or to live alone without much human interaction. Experts point to several health benefits from maintaining an active social life. That alone makes it worth a little bit of effort to meet new people and spend time with them. In our retirement years, we finally have the time to enjoy our lives. That is made better when we bond to new people we meet as we evolve to new stages of life.

Like-minded people – or at least those with similar interests and backgrounds – are waiting to meet seniors ready to move from private residences and belong as part of retirement communities.

To learn more about Regency Retirement Village of Jackson, call (731) 661-9888 to schedule a tour. You can meet other residents and get a sense of the friendships and fun that await you.