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Advances in Modern Medicine

Over time, it is only natural for the human body to become more susceptible to a wide range of chronic health issues caused by natural changes and risk factors that accumulate as part of the aging process. Due to increased life expectancy, the leading causes of death are now: cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and chronic lower respiratory disease. Thanks to scientific advances, we are much better equipped to manage these conditions by combining lifestyle choices with modern medicine.

Assisted living communities like Regency Retirement Jackson understand the need to focus on both lifestyle and medication factors to help manage these conditions for seniors. By catering to both of these needs, communities are able to ensure that residents stay physically active, and help with daily management of a variety of medications frequently needed by seniors.

The benefits of modern medicine do come with potential hazards, however. Older adults who combine multiple prescriptions with over-the-counter (OTC) drugs face a constant threat of adverse and toxic interactions, when not monitored closely.

Jackson Assisted Living Community Senior Medication

The Hazards of Poorly Managed Medications

Taking medications on time, as prescribed, and to completion is hard for people of any age to remember but it is especially difficult for aging parents. According to resources from the Center for Excellence and Assisted Living, one-third of ER visits by older adults are related to adverse drug events. Often times, these types of incidents, involving mismanaged medications, can be what triggers the decision to move a loved one into an Assisted Living community.

Once a senior makes the decision and transitions to retirement living, their family gains a peace of mind knowing their loved one can enjoy independence in their own apartment while also receiving “safety net” services. These services range anywhere from transportation to and from doctor appointments to medication reminders.

Assisted Living: A Balance of Quality of Life and Enhanced Safety

Not only is Assisted Living more affordable than nursing home care (intended for those needing medical care around the clock), but it also provides an environment that is less clinical and more like a home. Also, the major focus on the quality of life is balanced with the necessity for the senior’s need to stay safe and secure, making Assisted Living preferable for many residents and families.

Regency’s care providers are dedicated to ensuring residents receive their medications on time, and as directed. Treatment may range from obtaining and verifying prescriptions from physicians to more challenging care, including coordinating multiple medication regimens from various healthcare specialists or providers. As some residents are not able to communicate due to impaired cognition, accurately and confidentially managing residents’ health records is an important facet of care provided at Regency. This is why we place the highest importance on training our staff and providing them with every necessary resource available in order to give quality, excellent care.

Regency Assisted Living community of Jackson offers residents a variety of scheduled activities to engage in and keep them moving, encouraging better health. Paired with social interaction, science suggests these factors are critical for living a longer, happier life.

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Written by: Kristen Camden