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What does it take to change the world? One act of kindness.

Although it can feel like things are moving in the direction of darkness, you don’t have to move mountains to make the world a better place.

As Arthur Ashe, the late tennis player, once said, “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

This month’s blog is dedicated to those wonderful individuals who do what they can using what they have. Without them, the lives of our residents would feel emptier.

Volunteer Spotlight: Wanda Reams

Senior Living Volunteers and Assisted Living VolunteersOne such person is Wanda Reams, who has, for the past 6 years, been volunteering at Regency Retirement Jackson.

When she first walked through the door looking for her mom a place to stay, she knew this is where God wanted her and her mom to be. Ms. Wanda immediately started conversating with all the residents. Joining senior living volunteers and assisted living volunteers was the next step.

Her passion is helping others. She saw a need to help, and that’s exactly what she wanted to do.

Ms. Wanda freely spends 5-6 hours a week volunteering for the residents. When she’s not volunteering, she still comes to visit/socialize with residents. As one of our senior living volunteers and assisted living volunteers, her activities consist of pedicures, crafting, Bible Blessings, outings with the residents, knitting, cooking, and helping with special events. She also started a Caregiver Support Group.

She takes her volunteering very serious. If you try to intervene, she will gladly tell you to “step back, I’m running this.”

She has an outstanding personality and does not meet a stranger. The residents have been blessed to have her throughout the years. Ms. Wanda loves them dearly and they love her.

The Benefits of Our Senior Living Volunteers and Assisted Living Volunteers

Love. It’s a word that gets thrown around a lot by people who take it for granted. But love in the altruistic sense truly inspires us to look out for our neighbors so that we can experience the great feeling that comes from helping others.

Even the most cynical person can find practical benefits in volunteering to help others. Hiring managers take notice when applicants can provide a professional reference from one of our leadership staff confirming that they did give back to help others.

Senior living volunteers and assisted living volunteers gain a chance to try out their skills in a friendly environment and build their confidence.

If you have done deep research into a topic that many people only know about on the surface, our residents are eager to learn new things. If you sing or perform on a musical instrument, we are all ears. If you feel like sharing art or teaching others how to create crafts, your insight can make someone’s day. If you want to join us for a game of Bingo and call the results, you will be warmly greeted. If you simply want to worship and sing hymns to praise God in the company of others, we welcome you.

Volunteer and Make a Difference in a Senior’s Life

We would be thrilled to add you to our ranks. From calling Bingo to assisting in activities, we welcome senior living volunteers and assisted living volunteers to help brighten our residents’ day. Please contact us at (731) 661-9888 to make a difference in the lives of our residents.

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