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Enjoy pet friendly assisted living JacksonAt Regency Retirement Village of Jackson we believe it’s not fully home without family. At our pet friendly assisted living community, your furry friends are welcome as well. We love your pets almost as much as you do, and we understand the joy and meaning animals can add to our lives. In fact, there are a lot of science-based benefits associated with being a pet owner. Let’s explore them.

They’re Constant Companions

Pets, and dogs in particular, make us feel less alone. Having a pet means having a built in buddy and companion, offering unconditional love, emotional support, and all the cuddles you can stand. We understand at Regency that having a pet helps to stave off social isolation for our senior residents, and we are in full support of that.

They Help You Deal With Stress

Interaction with our pets also helps to reduce stress. That companionship provides comfort, eases worry, and can even lower blood pressure, heart rate, and relax muscle tension. In fact, in a study at Washington State University, it was discovered that just 10 minutes of petting a dog can have a significant impact in reduction of cortisol levels, also known as “the stress hormone.”

Bring your dog to enjoy pet friendly assisted living with usThey Keep You Active

Having a dog is also beneficial because they encourage you to get up and move, something we can all benefit from. It’s so important to stay physically active as much as we can, and having a dog helps to encourage that physical activity. In fact, it’s been said that dog owners spend approximately 300 hours per week walking their dogs! How cool.

So if you or your loved one are looking for pet friendly assisted living arrangements, we’d love to discuss our offerings at Regency Retirement Village of Jackson. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about having pets here, and we love getting to know our residents’ sweet fur babies when they join us at our community.