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All of our residents and staff have enjoyed our return to communal dining and activities, while staying within the CDC’s social distancing guidelines. We have been enjoying music – singalongs and karaoke, and their very favorite… BINGO!

In January, both our Memory Care and Assisted Living residents enjoyed painting! Painting, as in many other art forms, is not just something we do to pass the time! Painting can actually be therapeutic, in addition to being a wonderful creative outlet. As we continue to offer this activity, we ask that all our residents, even those who do not feel they are “artists” give it a try. You may be surprised at all you can do!

Last month, we also enjoyed some social time together. Despite social distancing guidelines we were able to enjoy hot chocolate and get to know our neighbors and friends better — while following CDC and state guidelines.

We have many more exciting things to do in the upcoming months, and look forward to hearing your ideas for new activities as well. Please join us as we continue to stay active for our mental, physical, and spiritual health, as well as staying connected to one another and making new friends.