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May– Resident Spotlight

This month, rather than to highlight one particular resident, I would like to draw attention to those who don’t seek it out for themselves. These are just a few of our residents who love to help others, although I don’t have enough space to name them all!

Mr. James Smith (AL)– Mr. James enjoys welcoming newcomers, and helping them acclimate.

Ms. Wanda Lewis (MC)– Ms. Wanda consistently volunteers to help out in any way that might be needed when she is able. 

Ms. Barbara Graves (MC)– Ms. Barbara is always looking for ways she can help, whether it is helping to sweep up after a meal or put away clothes, she loves to be involved.

Mr. Judge Davis (AL)– Mr. Judge often helps at events by passing out napkins, throwing away trash, whatever he sees that he might be able to help with.

Thank you to ALL of the helpers!

– Aprille Roberts, Activities Director