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Activities that feel productive are so important to each resident at Regency. It gives each resident their own sense of purpose and value. It gives us a reason to get out of bed! It provides the opportunity to give and receive positive feedback. But with dementia, our productive activities might have to change a bit. It’s important to consider what certain activities require from us, examples could include fine motor skills, comprehending the project’s big picture, multi-tasking, etc. But instead of focusing on what can’t be done, think about existing interests!

What are some favorite pastimes?

What were some productive activities that were enjoyed before dementia was present? What types of activities helped you or a loved one feel useful around the house? Many of us love flowers our whole lives and enjoy gardening with them. A resident like this with dementia would very much enjoy making spring flower arrangements to go in flower boxes. Another example: if someone volunteered for soup kitchens prior to coming to Regency, making brown bag lunches for a local homeless organization is a similar activity they might enjoy!

What can be done currently?

What are you or a loved one able to do independently or with a little support? Activities can always be a wonderful opportunity to sit side-by-side and do something productive together with another resident, staff or family member! Productive activities don’t have to be complicated, and the additional person might just be there to provide encouragement. It could be as simple as helping with chores, assisting in meal prep, or working on a project.

What is motivating or inspiring?

You’ve heard it before, a body at rest tends to stay at rest. A lack of confidence can make activities daunting, several steps in the process might seem overwhelming. So what does it take to motivate or inspire productive action? Understanding that you or a loved one is doing the activity because they are good at it, or because it’s helpful, can help. Knowing the value behind the productive activity can help us stop resting and start doing!

Whether or not you or a loved one is actively seeking something to do, productive activity is a way to achieve a sense of purpose and accomplishment. At Regency we are always looking for ways to make our dementia care as beneficial as possible to each individual resident. If you have an activity you would like assistance with, please reach out to your staff and let us know how we can help you or a loved one feel productive!