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If you have been shopping for long-term care for an aging loved one, you’ve probably noticed that senior living facilities vary greatly in terms of cost, level of care, and amenities. In the midst of a difficult decision to move a friend or relative into a residential care home, it can be challenging to determine the best match for their unique needs. Understanding the differences between assisted living and memory care can be extremely helpful in making the right choice.

At Regency Retirement Village of Jackson, we have helped guide families through the differences between types of care programs over the years to ensure their loved one receives the attention and support they need. If you’re struggling to determine whether assisted living or memory care is the right fit, read on. We will explore the similarities and differences between these programs in detail to help empower you in your decision-making.

The Best Candidates for Assisted Living and Memory Care Programs

Assisted Living and Memory Care communities are dedicated to offering long-term care for seniors facing various health challenges, such as medical conditions or limited mobility. In both settings, you’ll find on-site medical staff ready to provide essential services. However, the key distinction between assisted living and memory care lies in their specialized focus on the unique needs of their residents. Memory care programs specialize in caring for those with dementia disorders or Alzheimer’s. Memory care facilities, in particular, mandate that their staff undergo advanced training to ensure they can deliver the level of care required for residents with reduced cognitive function.

Assisted living communities are thoughtfully designed to preserve as much of a resident’s independence as possible while providing the necessary care. The ideal candidates for assisted living programs are typically aging individuals who still possess intact cognitive function but require regular medical attention or assistance with tasks that have gradually become challenging to manage. At Regency Retirement Village of Jackson, we go above and beyond to support families in selecting the most suitable level of care for their loved ones, considering a range of factors, including cognitive function, medical records, and more.

What to Expect in an Assisted Living Facility

Assisted living facilities share a goal in attempting to preserve as much independence as possible while providing specialized medical care when needed. At Regency Retirement Village of Jackson, we encourage residents in our assisted living program to continue their daily routines, remain active, and form relationships with other residents while assisting with medical needs as they arise.

Assisted Living Activities:
Assisted Living communities carefully organize events and activities to ensure residents are staying socially and mentally engaged. At Regency Jackson, these activities range from on-campus to off-campus and can include games, field trips, crafts and more. While some assisted living activities are aimed at cognitive support, the majority are designed to offer entertainment and foster social interactions.

Assisted Living Medical Care
Residents in assisted living communities receive care from medical staff for daily tasks that have become difficult to perform independently. This can include using the restroom, getting dressed, walking long distances, and more. The medical team will also provide routine care for any medical conditions by administering medication, monitoring vitals, and other more specialized treatments. At Regency Jackson, every resident receives an individualized care plan that supports their unique health needs.

What to Expect in a Memory Care Facility

Memory care programs are tailored to cater to the unique needs of seniors grappling with conditions like Alzheimer’s or various forms of dementia. These facilities place paramount importance on ensuring the safety, security, and overall well-being of their residents through a comprehensive range of brain-stimulating activities, adjustments to living spaces, and maintaining higher staff-to-resident ratios.

Memory Care Medical Care
Medical staff at memory care facilities are usually required to hold specialized licenses to provide the highest level of care for their residents. At Regency Retirement Village of Jackson, we uphold the strictest licensing standards in the area to ensure our staff is well-equipped to support residents in our memory care program. Conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s often manifest symptoms like confusion, memory loss, and anxiety, necessitating that memory care providers be well-equipped to address these challenges as they arise.

Memory care programs extend the same level of support for daily tasks as assisted living programs but with a distinct focus on the unique challenges of memory loss. Our medical staff provides valuable assistance with mobility, physical health conditions, and more, all while implementing therapies and activities aimed at supporting cognitive health. At Regency Jackson, our dedicated staff often engages with memory care residents through activities such as puzzles, art, and other creative endeavors designed to help preserve memory.

Memory Care Activities and Accommodations
In addition to fostering physical and cognitive well-being, memory care facilities frequently implement heightened security measures to safeguard their residents. Dementia disorders can lead to various behavioral risks, such as wandering. To manage these behaviors, memory care facilities often feature enhanced security measures, including locked doors and alarm systems.

While memory care facilities offer a more specialized level of care than assisted living, the holistic well-being of each individual remains a paramount priority. Our memory care residents participate in a rich array of events, activities, social programs, and exercise options, ensuring that they not only receive the necessary support for their condition but also feel at home and empowered to maintain their routines.

Assisted Living and Memory Care at Regency Retirement Village of Jackson

We understand that the decision to transition a friend or family member to a senior living facility can be emotionally challenging. The more you learn about various long-term care programs, the more equipped you’ll be to choose a facility that is the right fit. At Regency Retirement Village of Jackson, our compassionate and highly skilled staff is well-versed in guiding residents and their families through the process of relocating and adapting to a new home and routine.

If you are contemplating Regency Retirement Village of Jackson for your loved one, we extend a warm invitation to schedule a tour of our campus. Our community has evolved into a warm and welcoming haven for numerous seniors, and we are wholeheartedly dedicated to making the physical spaces as inviting as the residents and staff who truly make our community special.