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In March of 2022, my mother passed away from Dementia. For nine years my mother experienced the debilitating effects of dementia. My father took care of her in their home of 54 years till the day she died. They had been married for almost 72 years. Mother was 91 and Dad was 92. Moving her to a nursing home was never an option for my dad.

November 13th of the same year, my father experienced a condition where he was unable to walk. After a stay in the hospital and 39 days in a Rehab facility he regained his strength and ability to walk again, but now with a walker. He knew due to the layout and multiple stair cases in their house, he could not live there independently. He would need somewhere all on one level. He knew he would have to move out of his home. He made this decision which made us feel good. He could still manage daily needs such as bathing and dressing himself. He needed an assisted living home not a nursing home.

My aunt, one of Dad’s sisters, had lived here at Regency Retirement Village for 6 ½ years before she passed away. He also had a friend that he had worked with for close to 30 years that had been living here as well. Dad knew how nice the facility was, the room sizes, cleanliness, the friendly staff, and the activities they provided.

Dad made the choice to move to Regency Retirement Village. We wanted to make sure he made the decision on where he wanted to live. He is very satisfied and so are my wife and I. All the staff are so friendly and knowledgeable of Dad’s needs, likes, and limitations. Living at Regency Retirement Village, he is able to interact with other residents and be involved in different activities. The resident’s rooms allow the resident to use things from their home to make them more comfortable and feel more like home, but also have safety devices such as walk-in-showers, hand rails and emergency pull cords if help is needed. He also wears an emergency alert device on him if he needs help. All he has to do is push the button and the staff is alerted.

It gives my wife and I peace of mind knowing that Dad enjoys where he is and that his needs are being met. He doesn’t have to worry about what to cook, washing laundry, cleaning a house or dealing with steps. He can enjoy life knowing that now someone is taking care of him.